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Calling rates

Domestic and international outbound charges apply

International Rates (per minute)
United States 1 NTD Canada 1 NTD China 1 NTD
Singapore 1 NTD Mexico 3 NTD Thailand 3 NTD
Vietnam 3 NTD Malaysia 3 NTD Indonesia 3 NTD
India 3 NTD Japan 5 NTD South Korea 5 NTD
Philippines 5 NTD Australia 5 NTD New Zealand 5 NTD
United Kingdom 10 NTD Germany 10 NTD France 10 NTD
Macau 10 NTD Italy 13 NTD Netherlands 13 NTD
Spain 13 NTD Myanmar 13 NTD Cambodia 13 NTD
Brunei 13 NTD Pakistan 13 NTD Bangladesh 13 NTD
Turkey 13 NTD Sri Lanka 13 NTD Greece 13 NTD
Austria 13 NTD Belgium 15 NTD Iran 15 NTD
Palestine 15 NTD Israel 15 NTD Saudi Arabia 15 NTD
United Arab Emirates 15 NTD

*Price applies to landline and mobile phones

Domestic Rates
Mobile (per minute) 3.4 NTD Landline (per 3 minutes) 1.5 NTD

Common questions

  • Why does EVOX cost so much less?

    EVOX is a cloud based system, which means we didn't have to buy a lot of expensive equipment, build a data center, hire a team of engineers to operate and maintain the equipment, and keep the system safe from physical intrusion, cyber attacks, power outages etc. Instead, we develop and host EVOX on the AWS cloud at a very competitive price.

    EVOX provides you a mobile phone app, which means you don't need to buy any phone equipment, unless you want to. We also provide you an easy to use web based administrative service so you can do most of the administrative functions yourself, instead of scheduling and paying for service calls.

    We also partner with market leading cost competitive NextGen operators to get the best rates for inbound and outbound phone calls, including long distance services to dozens of countries.

    We pass all these cost savings to you, while offering you a much better user experience!

  • Why are there no roaming charges for using EVOX?

    The EVOX app on your mobile phone is connected to the EVOX cloud via the public internet whenever and wherever you have an internet connection, wired or wireless. Just like going to websites like Facebook or Google, there is no connection charge.

    By contrast, when you travel outside your phone service provider area, say from Taiwan to Japan, you will be paying roaming charges when you make or receive phone calls while you are in Japan. But, if you have internet access (say via Wi-Fi or a mobile data plan) there is no additional charge for connecting to EVOX. So the cost of a phone call, if any, will be exactly the same as if you were in your office in Taiwan.

  • Is there any charge for calls between extensions in the same business?

    There is no charge as long as the extensions are registered to the same business account.

  • Do I need to have a business number before signing up with EVOX?

    No you don't. We can provide you a business number and we can offer very competitive rates compares to what your local phone company can offer you.