Your new office phone system

With the ubiquity of the mobile internet and the cloud, office systems are moving away from hardware systems to EVOX.

With EVOX, you don't need to buy or install any hardware.  You get a more reliable and secure phone system, and new capabilities, like mobility around the globe.  It also gives you access to new voice technology, like text to speech and voice recognition.

full evox app

Your business number, on an app

A complete phone system that works for businesses of all sizes. Make and receive business calls from your IP phones, or as an app on your mobile device. Easily manage your phone numbers and extensions through a simple web interface.

Here’s what people are saying about EVOX


John Wugo
goout co-founder

Our main reason for selecting EVOX is that we save money by not having to buy and install any hardware, and the calling rate is very cheap. The voice quality is also good. For a new startup like us, we must spend our money where it counts the most.

Allen Song

We were worried about changing our phone number when we switch to a new phone system, because we would then have all kinds of hassles, like having to print new business cards. Then we found out that with the adapter box, we could keep our original phone number when we connect to the cloud service. This way we can use an app to take calls from customers, and not worry about missing important calls.

ShinTon Liu
ChickenBaby Sales Manager

As our Chickenbaby business grew, our customer service load got very heavy. Even though we use Facebook messenger for customer service, some customers who are in a hurry want to talk to us by phone to get things done. We were worried at first the internet phone service would be unreliable, but EVOX turns out to be very reliable.

pricing for phone service

A complete phone system as a monthly subscription. No hardware required.

Simple easy-to-understand pricing starting at 590 NTD / month for 5 users. If you are a larger business we have a plan for you too.

International outbound calling is included at low metered rates.

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How to get started

1. Let us know you're interested

2. We'll follow-up to verify some details about your business. This step is required by Taiwan law.

3. Choose a number. If you already have a number you can use your own. We'll work with you to make sure everything is setup to your satisfaction.

4. You can make and receive calls from the app and from IP office phones. Don't worry, there aren't any long term contracts.

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