Basic Package


Here's what you get for signing up for EVOX:

1. A local company number.

2. The number of devices of your choice, including our mobile app, our PC app, or IP phones.

3. Admin center to monitor and manage your phone system, including adding/changing extension, call records, outbound call control etc

4. EVOX cloud PBX services which include: 
a.  all the business calling features you need
b. voicemail for every extension
c. a highly flexible and programmable auto-attendant

5. Low cost calling to local and international numbers

Why people choose EVOX

Our main reason for selecting EVOX is that we save money by not having to buy and install any hardware, and the calling rate is very cheap. The voice quality is also good. For a new startup like us, we must spend our money where it counts the most.
— John Wu, gogoout co-founder
We were worried about changing our phone number when we switch to a new phone system, because we would then have all kinds of hassles, like having to print new business cards. Then we found out that with the adapter box, we could keep our original phone number when we connect to the cloud service. This way we can us an app to take calls from customers, and not worry about missing important calls.
— Allen Song, USPACE CEO
A significant benefit of the cloud phone system is the flexibility, which you don’t need to install the whole system and hardware when you move to another office. The admin center also includes some customer service functions that we need.
— Mars Kau, GOSHOP Founder


get an 866 number

DID Number

In addition to your company number, you can get additional Direct Dial (DID) numbers which are fixed local numbers.

A DID number allows callers to reach an extension or a group of colleagues (such as a sales or support team) directly, without going through a receptionist or the auto-attendant. For businesses with multiple locations, DID allows customers to call each branch directly. For growing companies, it can be used give you the appearance of being in multiple locations.

Voice Recording

Voice Recording is essential for monitoring and improving the quality and performance of customer service. It is also needed for many business calls to protect the rights and interest of callers. EVOX Voice Recording service works for both inbound and outbound calls. It can be triggered automatically or manually by EVOX users. Recordings can be reviewed and managed on the Admin CDR page in the Admin Center. To learn more about Voice Recording>>


call with an official number

Choice number

Your phone number is like your shop sign. You want it to be easy to remember, leave a good impression, and give you good luck! We have a list of numbers you can choose from, at different prices.

EVOX Adapter box

If your business already has a number, and you want to keep the same number with EVOX, all you need to do is order our adapter box. It is pre-programmed for your EVOX account before we send it to you, so all you have to do is plug it in and start using EVOX.

We have adapter boxes for 1 line, 4 lines, or 8 lines.

Learn more about the adapter box »



IP Phones

Although the EVOX service doesn't require a telephone, we can help you set up an IP phone or IP conference phone if you prefer to use hardware.

Learn more about IP phones with EVOX »