Cloud Phone System

Get a professional business number or keep yours

We can provide you a new Taiwan number or you can keep your existing number and use EVOX to add new extensions and services, including EVOX mobile apps.

new phone number for a new business

For a new business

Get a new Taiwan (+886) number

A new Taiwan city (+886) number is included free of charge for every subscription of EVOX. We have a selection of premium numbers you can choose for a small fee.

new number for growing business

For a growing business

Keep your existing number

If you have a Taiwan city (+886) number you want to keep, we have a simple-to-install adapter that can reroute all your phone traffic to EVOX system. You keep your old number, and enjoy all the advantages of EVOX.


Get additional DID numbers for customers to reach you faster

We can also provide additional Direct Inward Dialing numbers so customers can direct dial for sales, support, or anyone in the company who needs a direct number so they can be reached more easily.

Multi-Location Service

You can purchase different local number for your branches or office all over Taiwan, and sync them into your headquarter EVOX auto-attendant system. You can save lots of cost for internal communication, and also present higher reliability as local service.


Traditional Local Number vs. EVOX Number


  • Hardware Installation
  • 1 Basic Phone Line
  • Use Multiple Phone Line
  • Portability
  • Long term Contract
  • International Rates
  • Multi-Location Service
  • Traditional Local Number

  • $$
  • $$
  • $$
  • $$
  • $$$
  • evox


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