Cloud Phone System

Your Work Phone as an App

Never miss a business call again. Manage your business calls while on-the-go using the EVOX app on iOS and Android

your desk phone on an app

Take your business number on-the-go

When a call comes into your business number, it can ring your desk phone and your app. When you call out with the app, only your business number will show on Caller ID.

You can personalize your app with your personal profile and configurations. The app includes an up to date directory of all the extensions in your colleagues, as well as all your personal contacts.  It also shows a complete history of inbound and outbound calls.

businesswoman call from anywhere

Freedom and privacy. No roaming charges.

You have the flexibility of a mobile number, with the same privacy as you would with an office phone.

You can turn off your office phone when you want to spend time with your friends and family, and turn it on any time when you want to catch up on work at home or on the road.

Within the EVOX app, you can navigate to any of these features: 

Callcontact list

Basic calling features

Make and receive calls to and from over 35 countries.

Transfer calls to a different extensions within your business or outside the company.

Put a call on hold so you can make or receive a second call, transfer the call, add a caller, or resume later.

make inbound and outbound calls

Advanced calling features

make inbound and outbound calls

Pick up call

When the pick up function is enabled, you will get a notification whenever one of your colleagues gets a call, and you can pick up the call for him or her. You can enable and disable pick up mode at any time on the settings page.

make inbound and outbound calls

Add call add people to call

You can initiate a second call, keep them separate, or join them together later.

make inbound and outbound calls

3-way call 3 way call

3-way calling allows you to talk to two people at once.

Address book contact list

People in your team can conveniently reach out to each other since your team's contact information is in one place.
Additionally, you can sync your phone contacts with EVOX anytime to keep your contacts organized.

add extensions

Call history call history

ou can view all call activities, including inbound, outbound, and missed calls. When there is a missed call, the call history icon will have a green dot, indicating you have missed a call.

view call history

Messages messages

View system notices and voice messages.
Manage and listen to voicemail within the app. If your messages inbox is full, additional messages will be sent as audio files to your email.
Customize your personal greeting by going to settings.

view voicemail

Customize your app settings

If you're at home or too busy for calls, you can switch off your availability setting so your phone will not ring. Callers are automatically forwarded to your voice mail.

Enable and disable pick up mode.

You can change their profile picture and other details shown to company members. Profile settings is visible only to your coworkers.

You can set your personal greeting by recording your voice or by entering text.

You can adjust call forwarding behavior at any time, as needed, such as not transferring any incoming calls, transferring calls or transferring all incoming calls when you are busy, and you can specify to transfer to a specific extension, phone number or auto attendant.

Only for mobile App function.
The sound test can test your app and your connection by recording your voice on the EVOX cloud and playing it back.

evox settings