Low cost

Save Money

No hardware to buy, no installation or upfront fees, no contract.  You pay only if you use the system. Your subscription includes local numbers, and local or international calls at the lowest rate available. See our pricing page for details.

No hardware to buy or install

You don't need to buy hardware or pay someone to install and maintain the system. EVOX is a VoIP service running on the AWS (Amazon Web Services). We're focused on making this the best experience for you, and will continuously upgrade to give you a better service and experience.

hardware in trash


Free calling between all EVOX users

When you call other EVOX users, whether they are in your company (viz. extension to extension call) or another company, your call is free. So invite your business partners to sign up for EVOX so you can call each other free of charge.

Cheaper outbound calls, unlimited inbound calls, and no roaming charges

A monthly subscription for your company to EVOX starts at $590NTD/month for 5 extensions. Unlimited inbound calls are included with each subscription, so there is no need to pay for extra phone lines when your business grows. Calling local or international numbers are at lowest rate on the market.

If you have Wi-Fi or a mobile data plan, there is no additional charge for connecting to EVOX, even when you are outside your home country .. no more roaming charges.