What is EVOX?

EVOX is a cloud based solution for business communication. It has advantages over a traditional PBX and IP PBX for the reasons we list below.


How is EVOX different from PBX and IP PBX?

A PBX or IP PBX is a hardware system that you buy and install in your office. It requires professional installation, so you have to find a dealer, buy or rent the equipment and then schedule an installation. EVOX does not require you to buy any equipment and there is no installation, simply sign up and download an application on your mobile phone, and your service is active almost instantly. Your mobile app connects to EVOX via the internet no matter where you are in the world. It's like having your office in the cloud! 


What does it mean to be cloud based?

A cloud based service like EVOX does not run on any private data center or hardware owned and operated by D2 Nova, or hosted by a 3rd party. Instead, it runs on the AWS public cloud. This is the same cloud that Amazon and millions of other web services run on.


Is a Cloud Based System same as a Hosted System?

No, there is a big difference. Many hosted systems call themselves Cloud Based, but they are very different.  Hosted Systems are hardware systems that the provider purchases and operates in a data center. The hardware and software are developed by their vendors and cannot easily be moved from one location to another. Since these systems are proprietary, they cannot be changed or upgraded without a great deal of cost and effort.  EVOX is a true Cloud Based service:  all of the software is developed by us and runs on a public cloud.  Hence we can move our service around the world in a matter of seconds and make changes quickly with very powerful tools available on the public cloud when we need to.


Why is a public cloud like AWS better than hosting your own data center or hosting it on a 3rd party data center?

AWS is more cost effective, reliable and secure than any privately run data center in several ways. It comes with an incredible set of tools to help you build and manage a service like EVOX.  It is co-located in many different locations around the world to insure against any local outages, and to stay close to the target users.  Each one of these locations is protected against power outages, physical intrusion, and cyber attacks by the best physical facilities and most advanced tools available. A public cloud also allows services like EVOX to scale up by orders of magnitude or expand across the globe in a matter of minutes.


How does EVOX compare to a traditional PBX or IP PBX in cost?

EVOX phone system for your business costs much less to set up and keep. There is no equipment to buy, and no installation fees to pay.  The monthly charge is typically less than what you pay for maintenance and service of a traditional PBX system combined with operator phone service (for local and long distance calls.)  EVOX also saves you time to install and maintain.  Time is money too!


Why does EVOX cost so much less?

EVOX is a cloud based system, which means we didn't have to buy a lot of expensive equipment, build a data center, hire a team of engineers to operate and maintain the equipment, and keep the system safe from physical intrusion, cyber attacks, power outages etc. Instead, we develop and host EVOX on the AWS cloud at a very competitive price.

EVOX provides you a mobile phone app, which means you don't need to buy any phone equipment, unless you want to.  We also provide you an easy to use web based administrative service so you can do most of the administrative functions yourself, instead of scheduling and paying for service calls. 

We also partner with market leading cost competitive NextGen operators to get the best rates for inbound and outbound phone calls, including long distance services to over 60 countries. 

We pass all these cost savings to you, while offering you a much better user experience!


Why are there no roaming charges for using EVOX?

The EVOX app on your mobile phone is connected to the EVOX cloud via the public internet whenever and wherever you have an internet connection, wired or wireless. Just like going to websites like Facebook or Google, there is no connection charge. By contrast, when you travel outside your phone service provider area, say from Taiwan to Japan, you will be paying roaming charges when you make or receive phone calls while you are in Japan. But, if you have internet access (say via Wi-Fi or a mobile data plan) there is no additional charge for connecting to EVOX.  So the cost of a phone call, if any, will be exactly the same as if you were in your office in Taiwan.


Is there any charge for calls between extensions in the same business?

There is no charge as long as the extensions are registered to the same business account.


Will there be phone charges when I call out using EVOX?

That depends on your local phone operator service. Normally in Taiwan you'll be charged for calling outside the company. EVOX provides very competitive rates in Taiwan for calling out. And when you travel outside Taiwan, there are no roaming charges so you pay the same rate as if you were in your Taiwan office.


How can customers call my business via EVOX?

When you sign up to EVOX, we will connect your new business phone number to your EVOX service. When anyone calls your business number, the call will be connected to the EVOX cloud which in turn rings your EVOX mobile app or your IP desk phone.


If I already have a business number, can I keep it when I sign up with EVOX?

Yes, of course. You can keep that number and all calls will be directed to EVOX and we will then connect the call to your team.


Do I need to have a business number before signing up with EVOX?

No you don't. We can provide you a business number and we can offer very competitive rates compares to what your local phone company can offer you.


Can I have a desk phone and still use EVOX?

Absolutely. It's not required, but you can certainly register an IP phone to EVOX. We can recommend select phones that are pre-configured to work with EVOX or if you already have an IP phone or prefer to buy different phone, we can help you register it.

How do I apply service?

It's easy, just click here.