System setup and management

Once you log into the Admin Center, you will be on the System page, where you can:

  • review your account profile and service subscriptions
  • inspect and assign shared hardware and service resources
  • configure company wide settings and defaults.
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Account profile and services

In your account profile, you’ll be able to see your company and admin info.
The services page displays all your current EVOX service details and lets you set up and manage your add-on services:

  • Direct dial lines
  • Recording service

evox devices


The devices page displays information and status on all the hardware devices that are registered to your EVOX services:

  • Adapter box
  • IP phones - currently not available in Admin Center, will be available in next release.
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System settings

Manage your company system settings: language, time zone, office hours.
Configure a number of company wide default service settings (which can be further customized for individual users on the Users page):