Voice Recording

Voice Recording

Voice recording is a premium service for EVOX customers that is requested by customer service organizations and professionals in the legal, financial, and travel services.  If your company has subscribed to this service, you can record phone calls for any user that is enabled.
You can mange the Recording services and settings for all extensions on the System page. You can also individually customize the settings for each extension on the Users page.

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Review and manage the service

You can review and manage this service on the System page:

  • The total storage allowed and used
  • Number of extensions allowed and activated
  • Enable/disable users


Recording settings

There are two settings for triggering recording:

  • Direction of call
  • Automatic or manual trigger

Company wide default settings can be reviewed and edited on System page. They can be customized for individual users on the Users page.

Review recordings

To locate and listen to a voice recording, go to the Call Records page. If a recording is indicated on the right of the call record, simply click on the recording icon to listen.You also have the option to delete or download the voice recording.


Manage recordings

Select one more more recordings by first using the CDR filtering tools to display the calls you want. Then you can listen to the recordings individually or delete the selected recordings with the action button shown.