Outbound call permissions

Admin Center 2.0 provides you a highly flexible tool to control outbound call permission. You can specify who can make outbound calls, when they can call, and which types of calls are allowed: domestic land line phones, mobiles phones, or international numbers. 
You can set up company wide default settings for ALL members on the System page, or customize it on a member by member basis on the Users page.

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Company default outbound call permissions

EVOX outbound call permissions default settings are: all users, all time, and all destinations. You can restrict the company wide permissions on the System page according to :

  • time of day (such as office hours)
  • day of week
  • type of call: domestic landline call, domestic mobile call, or international calls.

Customize per user

The company wide outbound call permission settings can be customized for each individual member under the user’s settings on the Users page.