Group ring

Group ring allow an inbound call to reach multiple team members at the same time, as a Group. Typical Groups are sales, support and reception.
Group ring is activated by first creating one or more groups and then assigning them to your company’s direct dial line, dial menu, or a group extension. When a call is directed to a Group, all extensions (members) of the Group will ring, and the first member to pick up will answer the call.

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Create and manage Groups

Create a Group: select a group name, such the name of a department or a functional team in your company and add members to the Group. Company members may belong to more than one Group.
Manage groups: Change Group members or remove a Group any time you wish.

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Company default settings

Configure these “busy response” settings for all groups on the Systems page:

  • Busy Announcement: this announcement is played when all members of the Group are busy, or after a specified number of rings. You can customize the number of rings.
  • Maximum Hold time: You can decide how long the call will stay on hold before the system plays a “goodbye” announcement and hangs up.

Voicemail settings for group

You can customize the voice mail option for the Group as follows:

  • Enable/disable voicemail option
  • Assign a voicemail recipient for the Group when enabled