Inbound call routing


You select whether to answer all incoming calls by an actual receptionist or the auto-attendant. If you choose receptionist, you should still configure EVOX to answer calls when the receptionist is away. Auto-attendant frees up the need for a receptionist and provides you a rich set of greeting choices and dial menu to direct and manage incoming calls. You can also set up a “return to main menu” option for all user’s voice mail greeting to allow callers the choice of returning to the Auto attendant.

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Learn how to configure Auto-attendant



Select an extension to receive all inbound calls. Set up EVOX auto-attendant to answer calls when your receptionist is not available: noon time / after work

Auto-attendant: company greetings

Learn how to configure Receptionist

Different greetings to help you better manage incoming calls:
  • Main greeting for regular office hours.
  • Secondary greeting (optional) for a second language, a special announcement, or a seasonal message .
  • After work greeting (optional) which can be used after work hours even if Receptionist has been selected to answer inbound calls.
  • A noon time greeting (optional). This can also be used during noon time when the receptionist is not available.

auto attendant feature

Auto-attendant: Dial Menu

Associating Users or Groups to a short “quick dial” number allows an inbound caller to quickly reach them with just one or two digits. A typical auto-attendant dial menu might include the receptionist, sales, support, and a few other popular departments.

Return to main menu

If you activate this option, a “return to main menu greeting” is appended to a user’s voicemail greeting. This allows the caller to go back to the auto-attendant to select a different extension or group by pressing the * key. A default greeting is provided by EVOX, but it can be customized here.