Cloud Phone System

Admin Center 2.0

Manage you EVOX system online with easy to learn UX.

Admin Center 2.0 provides you a much richer experience in managing and monitoring your EVOX business phone system. You have more flexibility in configuring your Auto Attendant and outbound call permission. The new Call Detail Records (CDR) page provides you all the information you need to track and control your call traffic and cost. Admin Center 2.0 also launches Group Ring and Voice recording, two new features which help you provide better customer service.

There are four main sections in Admin Center 2.0: System, Auto Attendant, Users, and Call Records.

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First time log in and setup

Once we have activated your EVOX account, you will receive an email with instructions to log into the admin center.

After you Login, you will be on the system (home) page. From here you can review your account information and begin your first time set up. You must complete this process before your team can use the system. Please refer to the Admin User Manual.