Cloud Phone System

Easy Account Administration

EVOX is a phone system that is simple to setup and manage. Once you're provisioned an account you'll be able to use a standard web browser, or our Windows 10 app, to manage your phone system.

add and manage phone extensions online

Add and change extensions

With EVOX you can add more extensions for your new employees, change extensions, configure IP phones, and remove extensions with the Admin Center on a web browser.

Monitor your call traffic

The EVOX Admin Center provides you the tools to restrict outbound calls by extension and by time. You also have access to a complete record of all incoming and outgoing calls.

Manage outbound call permissions

You can control the use of your business phone service by restricting who, when, and where calls can be made. This feature lets you safely manage employee access to business calling while they are in or out-of-the-office.

view voicemail

Configure and manage auto-attendant

Customize the auto-attendant by setting up your company dial menu to direct to an extension under your business number. 

Your company greeting can also be modified with a personal audio recording or with text to speech technology. 

Have an EVOX account and need help?

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Adding extensions

Changing your company greetings