To use the EVOX mobile application and EVOX Admin Center, you'll need an account.

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When you sign up for EVOX, we'll contact you to verify details about your business. You'll be able to choose a number or keep your own. Remember that EVOX starts with a 30-day free trial.

For users and admins:

Mobile applications

Manage your business calls while on-the-go with the EVOX mobile app. 

Once you have an account, everyone in your business can download the app and start using their extension.

download for android download for ios
your business number on iOS and android

Desktop applications (Coming soon)

Soon, you’ll be able to make calls right on your computer if you have a Windows or a Mac. You’ll be able to easily connect with your customers and keep track of them while you work. It’ll have all the functionalities of the EVOX mobile app.

call customers from your desktop

For admins:

Desktop applications

If you're an admin using Windows, you can download the EVOX desktop application. 

If you don't have a Windows computer, you can login anytime to use EVOX on a web browser. 

The admin center can let you manage your company's business number, extensions, and calls.

windows 10
monitor calls and extensions on windows app

Common questions

  • How can customers call my business via EVOX?

    When you sign up to EVOX, we will connect your new business phone number to your EVOX service. When anyone calls your business number, the call will be connected to the EVOX cloud which in turn rings your EVOX mobile app or your IP desk phone.

  • Can I have a desk phone and still use EVOX?

    Absolutely. It's not required, but you can certainly register an IP phone to EVOX. We can recommend select phones that are pre-configured to work with EVOX or if you already have an IP phone or prefer to buy different phone, we can help you register it.