EVOX Adapter

Keep your current business phone number with the EVOX adapter box.

About the EVOX adapter

The EVOX adapter box allows you to keep your current business number when you upgrade to using EVOX.  It is a gateway between your current telephone company and the internet, and it automatically connects to EVOX when it powers up.  Once it is online, all your EVOX extension and services will go live.

If you currently have multiple phone lines, we have adapter boxes for 4 and 8 lines capacity.  The EVOX adapter box comes with a charger, an internet cable, and a phone cable, and is easy to install. 

evox adapter box

Setting up an EVOX adapter

  1. Plug the phone cable to LINE port to connect EVOX adapter box and your telecom company
  2. Plug one side of the internet cable to WAN port on EVOX adapter box and another side to LAN port on your IP sharer
  3. Plug charger on POWER port
  4. The EVOX adapter box is successfully connected when the blue light is on